Vibration Specialty Corporation has been the industrial partner for preventing machinery failures and unnecessary repairs since 1918. For 100 years, they not only pioneered the motor balancing service, but set the standards as well. When VSC decided it was time to update their identity for the next 100 years, they turned to Brand Llama.

  • Business Card Design
  • Logo / Brand Identity
  • Stationary Package
  • Website Design
  • Website Construction

Logo Design

After researching the multiple versions of their brand identity through the years, a sleek streamlined update that communicated the core value of their service was designed and refined. The waveform mirrors the actual measurements taken by their team members, and has a quiet nod to the founder of the technology.

Vibration Specialty Corporation Logo Design

Identity Toolkit

Keeping their communications inline with the new branding was a key concern for VSC. An identity toolkit provides all the design information needed to do just that.

Vibration Specialty Corporation Identity Toolkit
Vibration Specialty Corporation Business Cards

Business Cards

Modern business cards reflecting the new identity and showcasing the services provided by Vibration Specialty Corporation round out an updated stationary package.

Website Design

A smart, easy to use navigational structure, coupled with a clean style and bold photography gives this site a strong, confident presence reflective of a company with their extended tenure in business.

Vibration Specialty Corporation Home Page
Vibration Specialty Corporation Interior Page

Sharing Unique Services

Bold brand typography provides a clear navigational system, and clear understanding of the services available.

Client Login Section

A robust client login section allows VSC to share reports and performance information with all of their clients online.

Vibration Specialty Corporation Industries Served Page