Inbound and Outbound Marketing and Your Growth Strategy

Marketing can be a scary word for many businesses. And that word has many equally frightening and confusing terms that go along with it, like inbound marketing, interruption marketing, content marketing, digital marketing, and many more. No need to feel overwhelmed, though; we can simplify it and explain how these elements can help expand your […]

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Position Filled: Junior Project Manager

UPDATE: The position has been filled by the talented and helpful Isabel! Thanks to everyone who applied. Brand Llama is looking for a junior project manager. Someone with a passion for organization and helping businesses grow. Please contact us and apply if… You are: In the Philadelphia area (no relocation and no remote) Interested in experiencing […]

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GDPR and Your Business

On May 25th, 2018, the European Union’s (“EU”) General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) goes into effect and it may shift the way you collect data, manage user information, and market to prospects even if you are not intentionally marketing to people in Europe. Despite the fact that the GDPR is complex, the use of the […]

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Manufacturing Companies are Tech Companies

In the manufacturing industry, as with every other sector of business, technology is changing the way products are developed, produced and distributed. In fact, according to the findings from the RSM Monitor survey of C-level manufacturing executives, technology is expected to fuel top-line growth and boost profits. Executives are also depending on technology to connect […]

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Help! I hate my ad (or marketing) agency!

Agencies try to help marketers with their brand and their pipeline. Marketers are usually the main source of income for agencies. It should be a mutually beneficial partnership. Why then, when you google I hate my ad agency, does it return 27,900,000 results? Finding a Great Advertising / Marketing Agency Let’s review an all too […]

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A Little Spring Cleaning

A little spring cleaning can go a long way. For us, that means cleaning up our site via a simple website audit. This includes many minor tasks that add up to a fresh start for our content, site organization, and how we present ourselves to our visitors, customers, and the world in general.

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