Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers

Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers focuses on improving healthcare outcomes for those less fortunate members of the city of Camden, New Jersey. Utilizing advanced technology, experience in navigation healthcare organizations, and good old fashioned bedside manner, CCHP helped thousands of residents get the care and treatment they needed, and helped lift others out the cracks of the healthcare system. Brand Llama created a new brand identity, corporate communications package, and annual report to help give CCHP the brand recognition it deserves.

  • Business Card Design
  • Logo / Brand Identity
  • Website Design
  • Website Construction
  • Annual Report
  • Photography Direction

Logo Design

The CCHP brand identity designed is an accurate representation of all the healthcare organizations they partner with, in the communities they serve. The healthcare map is an essential piece of the CCHP puzzle, and how they track their performance and impact.

CCHP Logo Design

Identity Toolkit

An identity toolkit for the organization was developed to provide guidance of logo usage, placement, color schemes, and typefaces. This toolkit helps the company maintain the brand style and apply it to all marketing and sales communications.

CCHP Identity Toolkit
CCHP Business Cards

Business Cards

The branding project included the stationary package design, which included new business cards, power point presentation templates, envelopes, and other communication essential items, all updated to reflect the new identity.

Annual rReport

Brand Llama work closely with the CCHP to develop their annual report, which focused on their impact, outreach efforts, and case studies of patients and doctors who contributed to healthcare system improvement.

CCHP Annual Report
CCHP Annual Report Home Page

Website Design

A microsite to support the annual report was created, and included expanded content and information about the organization and its impact over the year.

Focus on Real People

The annual report and microsite focused on real people who had been helped significantly by CCHP and their efforts to streamline healthcare in Camden.

CCHP Annual Report Interior Page
CCHP Annual Report Interior Page

Backed By Data

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