Working in tandem with two agency partners, Brand Llama designed and creative directed the company website for the U.S. debut of Apobiologix. Leveraging the newly design brand identity, and orchestrating the website structure, a clean and approachable visual style was developed for the company. Multiple concepts were developed and photographic art direction was shared. The website design focuses on content with punchy areas of color via text callouts and photography.

  • Website Design
  • Agency Partnership
  • Motion Graphics

Website Design

The design is clean, clear, and approachable, utilizing the colors from the new identity coupled with simple navigational structures.

Apobiologix Home Page
Apobiologix Interior Page

Multiple Tier Navigation

Using a nested navigation structure allowed the headlines and primary information of the site to stand out, and clearly showing the navigation was part of this content.


Short, smart bits of information about the company leadership provide high-level overviews, without the bulk of fully written biographies.

Apobiologix Leadership Team Page
Apobiologix Process Graphics

Process Graphics

Infographics and process graphics are found throughout the site, providing quick, visual explanations of the complex process of producing biopharmaceutical products.