A Little Spring Cleaning

A little spring cleaning can go a long way. For us, that means cleaning up our site via a simple website audit. This includes many minor tasks that add up to a fresh start for our content, site organization, and how we present ourselves to our visitors, customers, and the world in general. There’s many automated tools out there. However, they can sometimes be too technical and difficult to act upon.

Here’s our simple website audit spring cleaning approach.

Clean Out Your Old Articles

First of all, you should review your website’s content. In our case, this minor website task triggers an audit of our search engine traffic to our blog. While we did our best with the blog a few years ago, it’s fallen to the side and we have been ignoring for a while. That leads to the blog feeling old, dated, and simply not relevant to how we present ourselves now. And, that’s why this is the first new Insight on our website.

Website Audit for Analytics and Adjust

Next, use this spring cleaning exercise to check on the statistics and patterns of use for your website. In reviewing the analytics for the past year, it became clear that one of the most commonly visited sections of our website is the “About Us” section. This section includes team member biographies and an overarching outline of what we do here at Brand Llama. But, that section is hiding in the More menu, not easily found on a quick glance of the main menu. So, we are moving it, which makes the site easier to navigate is essential to long-term online success.

Get Up-To-Date

This goes for both your content and your website’s functionality. It’s a great time to review your content and spend a couple of hours updating it, ensuring accuracy and relevancy. At the same time, if your website uses a content management system (CMS) like WordPress or Drupal, now is a perfect time to make sure all your websites plugins or modules are up-to-date.

Be Bold

If you’re feeling brave, expand or add new pages to your site. Search engines love fresh content, and they will gladly send visitors to your new articles, case studies, testimonials, history, or other content about your company, and your services.

Website Audit Frequency

For most companies, running this type of website review only needs to happen once a year. If your website has over 500 pages though, it may be worthwhile to review your website every six months for opportunities to improve the content and learn from your analytics. As a result, your website will stay current and draw in visitors.

Ask for Help

And finally, if you find that running an audit on your website is too much in this very busy season, we can help. Brand Llama offers a comprehensive website audit that will outline areas for improvement such as:

  • Website Performance
  • Errors and Issues
  • Poorly Optimized Website Content
  • SEO Roadblocks and Setbacks
  • Top Keyword Rankings
  • and Much More

The audit is very thorough and offers key insights on the issues outlined above, and includes specific recommendations on how to correct them yourself. We are also available to help with these issues and ongoing website maintenance and support. Contact us at Brand Llama today to get your website audit.