Find More Customers for Your Business

With so many media channels, social networks, and email inbox overload, it can be incredibly hard to get your target audience to know who you are and pay attention to your business. And when the don’t notice you, you won’t find more customers.

With decades of experience perfecting the stories, design and strategies that convince people choose you, our team can help you. We discover, create and execute the right messaging mix for you. Our team at Brand Llama can help you find more customers through our proven approach:

Create a Brand that Leaves the Right Impression

If your website doesn’t match your presentations or your printed brochures look and sound nothing like your sales pitches, you have a brand problem. We take the time to really get to know you. Our exclusive brand questionnaire makes sure that your brand shines through. Make sure your brand is helping your sales, not hurting them.

Optimize Your Website for Lead Generation and Sales

Lots of people build websites that look great. However, we take it a step further to make sure your website is doing as much as possible. So, to help customers find you, and help them understand who you are, we improve your site. And, we make sure it is easy for them to contact or buy from you once they get there. If your website isn’t generating the lead and sales results you want, we should talk.

Say Something Worth Sharing with Content Marketing

The best way to cut through the clutter is to have something interesting. Like a differentiated and valuable message to say to your customers. The e-books, infographics, white papers and other marketing pieces that our team has created for our customers have generated up to 2-3x greater targeted downloads than the average benchmarks.

Use Inbound Marketing to Get New Targeted Leads

You wouldn’t go to Florida to fish for salmon. Yet that’s exactly what many companies do with their marketing dollars. We can help you create to the most effective strategies for your budget. And this will help find the most targeted leads and find more customers for your business.

Generate Demand with Your New and Existing Prospects

Once your inbound marketing program has found those targeted prospect names, keep them interested and engaged so that they think of your company when they are ready to purchase.

We set up programs that remind your leads to choose you when they’re ready. Then, we encourage them to purchase faster than they were planning to.

DMA (Deploy. Measure. Adjust.)

No modern and agile pipeline generating marketing program is complete without constant measurement. We make sure that we’re continually tracking your programs against your defined goals to ensure that you are getting the best possible results. Tracking helps tweak the results to find more customers.

Let us help you find more customers with a custom strategy and execution plan that will coordinate your brand, optimize your website for lead generation, build out content marketing, increase your targeted leads, and more. Get in touch with us to kick the tires, or get a full proposal for your business or organization.